Why I Buy Used Books

As an emerging author, I get asked quite often by other authors as to why I buy used books. The basic premise is that since the author gets no compensation for a used book sale, buying a used book is akin to treason. While I understand the argument, I actually disagree.  Part of the value of a book is in its reusability, resale value, and transferability.  Just as with buying a car.  Ford doesn’t get a check when you sell that old F-150.  But the author does get something–another reader.  Someone who might write a review, tell a friend, or buy a different book.

As to why I buy mostly used books, there are a handful of reasons:

#1: My entire family volunteers at HospiceCare of Boulder and Broomfield Counties. A great organization that provides palliative care for our community on a non-profit basis.  And they have a great thrift store, HospiceCare & Share, in Boulder.  So we shop there.  Me, I buy books there.  More books than I can read actually.  And frankly I buy used books occasionally at other non-profit thrift shops (just don’t tell the good folks at HospiceCare)

#2: Buying used books is a great way to try out a new author.  For a buck or less I can give another emerging author a try.  So I am supporting the community of writers, in my own way.

#3: It’s green.  Recyling is good; reusing is better.

#4: Used books are cheap.  Some say I’m cheap.  Coincidence?

#5: When I’m done ready, I donate ’em back to HospiceCare, so they can make a small profit again and someone else can read the book.

CR Hodges

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