Rejections number 91 and 92

Rejection number 91 was actually hiding in my junk mail folder, from a prestigious SFWA accredited magazine.

“Thanks for submitting ‘Custer was Sváva�s,’ but I’m going to pass on it. It didn’t quite work for me, I’m afraid. Best of luck to you placing this one elsewhere, and thanks again for sending it my way.”

I’m pretty sure it was a form letter as the real title is “Custer was Sváva’s,” Rejection number 12 for Ms. Sváva.

Rejection number 92 arrived by mail, a rarity, from an even more prestigious SFWA accredited magazine.

“Thank you for submitting ‘How a Valkyrie Flies,’ but I’m going to have to pass on it.  This story couldn’t hold my interest, I’m afraid. Best of luck to you with this one, and thanks again for sending it our way.”

I’m very sure it was a form letter as I got the same letter the last story I submitted to that same market. Rejection number 13 for Geira and Siggi, a new record.

As for common themes, it was a bad day for valkyries and mythica overall.  But how about the amazing similarities between the wording on the two form letters…? OK enough cynicism and self-pity, back to work.

92 down, 8 to go.

CR Hodges


I’ve accumulated 90 rejections for my short stories over the past 3 years and change. A few wins too–6 to be exact–on a total of 16 stories put out there.  My record is 12 rejections for one story (“The Cavalryman’s Saber”), but the good news is that it was accepted for publication this fall.

So I’ll be counting down the rejection notices over the next couple of month from #91 through lucky #100.  Yes it’s a little morbid, but hey it’s a coping mechanism.  I think. Stay tuned.

PS–Maybe I’ll get a win in the mix.

CR Hodges

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