Rejection number 98–well received, but

Rejection number 98 was the ninth such for “The Trillionaire” but at least it didn’t feel like a form letter, with some encouragement even.  Encouragement is good.

“Thank you for submitting “The Trillionaire ” to xxx. It was well received here, but after some thought we have decided not to accept it for publication. I hope you’ll consider us again, and I wish you the best success in placing this story elsewhere.”

Well received sounded like code for try again, so I did, popping Buffett Thompson and his presidential ex back out there after only a minor edit pass.  Trying a pro market this time, who knows.

98 down, 2 to go.

CR Hodges


I’ve accumulated 90 rejections for my short stories over the past 3 years and change. A few wins too–6 to be exact–on a total of 16 stories put out there.  My record is 12 rejections for one story (“The Cavalryman’s Saber”), but the good news is that it was accepted for publication this fall.

So I’ll be counting down the rejection notices over the next couple of month from #91 through lucky #100.  Yes it’s a little morbid, but hey it’s a coping mechanism.  I think. Stay tuned.

PS–Maybe I’ll get a win in the mix.

CR Hodges

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