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On quarks and vignettes

While my writing colleagues were studying vignettes and denouements, I was busy studying quarks and relativity.  Quantum physics does lead to a few interesting insights for a science fiction writer like myself, but it doesn’t help at all with some of … Continue reading

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In case writing doesn’t work out…

Just in case writing doesn’t work out and my day job bombs, this is my fallback profession. And yes it is edible. I submitted four short stories, this weekend, one of which, a reprint of “Walking with Great Uncle,” to a market … Continue reading

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For whom the bell knells

If only Hemingway had used that for his title, maybe I wouldn’t have had a character knelling to pray in a finished manuscript submitted to a prestigious contest.  I got got of course, and I won’t (probably) make that mistake again, but … Continue reading

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The dísir

Circa 1220 AD, the Icelandic scholar Snorri Sturluson laid down the Old Norse sagas in a work that is known today as the Prose Edda. In stanza thirty-six of the first book, Glyfaginning, Snorri numbers the mythical valkyries, the dísir: Hrist and … Continue reading

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