Writing shorts

Been taking a break from novelling and working on some short stories.  Two new short stories in the works:


  • “Wobble,” a sci fi piece about preventing the Earth’s orbit from decaying
  • “Elves in Space,” a fantasy-sci fi mashup that attempts to poke fun at everything from LOTR to Star Wars, Snow White to Harry Potter.

In addition I’ve been reworking several older pieces.

  • “The Trillionaire” is now  much tighter, sub 4000 words, with a quicker opener and the same tear-jerker ending
  • “Airlock” has been lengthened based on some really good feedback I got from one ending, although it’s still super tight and  under 1000 words, which is great for the flash market
  • “Sunset, Moonrise” also got some rework again based on some great feedback from a rejecting editor
  • “The Bow Wave,” “How a Valkyrie Flies,” and “Martian Rules,” the prequel to “Three-Quarters Martian,” all got some fine tuning

Now it’s time to resubmit and see what happens.

CR Hodges

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