Books in Whips

Oops, typo. I meant to write Books in WIP, as in Work in Progress (got your attention though, eh?), as in half-finished.


And no, I’m not going to write Fifty Ghosts in the Shade.  But I do have quite a few short stories in WIP (again, Work in Progress, that other whip):

  • “Elves in Space”  — Yup, pretty much what it sounds like.  Poking fun at everything
  • “Wobble” — How to stop the world from ending by playing games
  • “The Ghosts of the Texians” — First two guesses don’t count. But does feature Old Zeb and El Coronel
  • “Faro” — Twilly again, a little older and with a longer tail, wintering in 1860s Denver on her way to Japan
  • “Martian Launch” — Anna-Jing again, in mid 21st century New Confederate States of America on her way to Mars
  • “I don’t Believe in Ghosts, but…” — Nishi again, trying to explain Hildi’s death to her father
  • “2049” — Assassins and dirigibles and biolabs, oh my.  In other words, I’m not sure where this is going yet

Good news is lots of WIP  Bad news is I’m blogging instead of writing because I have too many stories all half-___done…

Back to work

CR Hodges

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