Checking out the competition

I have a long flight coming up, so I loaded up my Kindle with some light reading.

As an experiment, I downloaded eBooks from three new (to me) authors, all listed on Amazon’s Top 100 Free list.  Speculative fiction of various sorts. They are all first books of various series, so I suspect I’ll end up buying the later books, if I like the first ones. Or maybe not, guess that’s part of the experiment too.

We’ll see just how good an eBook has to be to make a Top 100 list, even if it is the free list. I do a lot of beta reading for fellow writers, so this will help me calibrate my editing.

And of course I’d like to calibrate my own writing too.

Stay tuned.

CR Hodges

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3 Responses to Checking out the competition

  1. crhodges says:

    OK, I read all three opening paragraphs last night, just to see how these writers did on the most important five sentences. One was outstanding in every way, one was a textbook example about why too many adjectives is a bad thing, and one was just ok, not bad enough to put it down yet not much of a hook.

    More to come.

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