Fodder for future writing from Middle Earth

Spent a week and a half in Middle Earth, New Zealand in the common tongue,  on holiday. It was winter at the bottom of the planet, complete with 120 km / hr gales, so not exactly beach weather, but still a very enjoyable sojourn. Got a little writing done on those wake up at 4 in the morning with jet lag days, working on a novella version of Gho, and also logged away bales and bales of fodder for future tales.  No hobbits I promise, but ideas about ginormous eagles, robotic attack seals or a supernatural Haka seem like they might one day have legs.

  Not quite a gale, yet, but it was brewing.

Trolls and hobbits and elves, oh my.

And yes this seal just might be a robotic attack seal, as seconds after I took this shot it did indeed attack.  No harm done to writer nor seal, but perhaps the writer did learn a lesson about why it’s not a good idea to get too close to wild animals. Perhaps.

CR Hodges

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