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Had a chance to do a fair amount of reading while on holiday in New Zealand.  On those ferry rides, not to mention the 12 hour plane flights. Tried out 3 new authors from Amazon’s Top 100 Free list–see my earlier blog on the subject. I’ll blog more on this soon, but as a preview: one was awful and I never made it to Chapter 2; one was readable but no more and hence will remain nameless; and the third, which I have not yet finished, Clovenhoof, by H Goody and I Grant, is thoroughly excellent.  More soon.

Wellington harbour

I also got a chance to preview the first few chapters of a work-in-progress novel from a fellow author that has the potential to be a best seller.  Not my place to say more, but when you see a novel about “Honey” on Oprah in a few years, remember you heard it here first.

Finally I read  The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln by Stephen Carter, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors.   Good read in general; terrific read for Civil War buffs like me.

This weekend I’ll get back to writing.

CR Hodges

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2 Responses to Writers read

  1. Mind you Chris I always try to buy one or two best sellers whenever I’m near a bookshop …(about once a month) just to see what publishers are up to and I chose one but won’t mention its name because I don’t like giving bad review either. I struggled to page 100 and slammed it shut…no more. Mind you we all see things differently I suppose…just as well really

  2. crhodges says:

    Absolutely true that different readers have both different tastes and also differing tolerances for the quality of the writing. Honestly, before I started writing I tolerated lesser quality than I do now–and if I feel like I should have a red pen in hand, it kinda spoils the read.

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