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Excerpt of the week: The Fletchers Nyqvist

“The Fletchers Nyqvist” went through several variations before finally getting published by Kazka Press.  They were originally the Kaufmans, then briefly the Nybergs, before settling in as the Nyqvists. But always fletchers, always living in post fracture NewDC, always fated … Continue reading

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Checking out the competition: Part Two

A month or so ago, when summer was a newborn, I boarded an airplane to New Zealand with three new authors’ novels tucked into my Kindle. As an emerging writer, I’m interested in how my peers are doing, so I … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: Walking with Great Uncle

Two versions of my short story “Walking with Great Uncle” have been published to date, one in the Summer 2009 edition of The First Line (my very first publication credit) and one in the We Belong 2013 anthology published by the … Continue reading

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The Chollima is back

As many of you know, I’ve been busy compacting my shoebox novel, Gho, into a novella. Which meant I had to shed 2/3 of the words, 2/3 of the plot lines, 2/3 of the character.  Tough to kill all those … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: Faro

I polished up and submitted three short stores this week, including my first submission of a new yet old short story, “Faro.”  It’s a story I started years ago after chatting with a local history buff who had described to … Continue reading

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From novel to novella

So I’m trying out something new, converting a shoebox novel to a novella. I’ve gone the other way before, Ragnarök Willie started life as a short story, grew to a novella on the way to its current status as a 90K … Continue reading

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