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Excerpt of the week: How a Valkyrie Flies

Here’s an excerpt from the middle of a work in progress, my short story headed toward  novella “How a Valkyrie Flies.” Quick synopsis of what has come to pass previously in this story: Geira, an aging valkyrie, accepts a challenge … Continue reading

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Excerpts of the week: two versions of The Cavalryman’s Saber

Fortunately we writers rewrite. A lot.  Otherwise readers would have to consume the drivel we spew out in our early drafts.  As an example, here is an early draft from the work that eventually became “The Confederate Cavalryman’s Saber.” The … Continue reading

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On being a short storyist

I just wrote a guest post on Scarlett van Dijk’s blog.  Check it out at Thanks Scarlett! CR Hodges

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One million words–halfway there

I’ve heard tell a writer needs to write a million words to get good at the craft. When I started out I didn’t believe, but I do now.  I suspect it’s also quite analogous to the ten thousand hour target that … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: Three-Quarters Martian

Arguably my most successful story to date, “Three-Quarters Martian” garnered a First Place in On the Premises July 2011 writing contest, received accolades in The Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2011, and was produced in audio form by EscapePod (my first … Continue reading

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Queen Méabh emerges–published in Electric-Spec

My mythica short story, “Queen Méabh,” has just been published in Electric Spec.  Ireland beware. Excerpt: Queen Méabh C.R. Hodges After hiking up Knocknarea with a stone in my pocket every day for the past twenty-seven months, today I got … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: Gho

This week’s excerpt is from an unpublished work, Gho, an urban fantasy about Hildi Schreiber, a young inventor who returns as a ghost to avenge her murder (yes I know my blurb needs work).  Originally written as a YA novel, I am … Continue reading

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