Excerpt of the week: How a Valkyrie Flies

Here’s an excerpt from the middle of a work in progress, my short story headed toward  novella “How a Valkyrie Flies.”


Quick synopsis of what has come to pass previously in this story: Geira, an aging valkyrie, accepts a challenge from her teenage niece Siggi, who is aiding an Aboriginal Australian secessionist movement.  Geira seeks the aid of the ghost of  James Nunn, her former lover and einherja, for the looming battle atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

How a Valkyrie Flies

C.R. Hodges

The next morning, Geira visited the library on the site of the old police barracks. When the building was new, she had dined in the great hall and slept in the commander’s bed. She was searching for the former commander, or at least his ghost.

“Hello James,” she said, as she took a seat on the windowsill opposite the table where he was playing solitaire whist.

“Geiravör, what a surprise,” he said, rising to his feet. His gray boots seemed more polished, his uniform crisp. “I’d introduce you to a friend of mine, Colonel de Groot, Fifteenth Hussars, but I’m afraid he’s all but gone.”

She nodded politely at the empty chair in front of James. Perhaps she could make out a faint shadow sitting there, legs crossed, perhaps not.

“He used to ride with a band of ruffians cut from the same cloth as your old Black Line.”

“That is what I need to talk to you about, James. I need your help.”

It’s not fully polished yet, but getting close. May enter it in a contest next month.  Or not.

PS – Siggi and Geira, along with the other eleven modern valkries, play key roles in my work-in-progress mythica novel, Ragnarök Willie.

CR Hodges

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