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Excerpt of the week: Last Ghost of the War

Seems like a ghost story is appropriate for Halloween, so how about an excerpt from a historical fiction piece, “The Last Ghost of the War.” From somewhere toward the end (but no spoilers). Quick synopsis of what has come to … Continue reading

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Learning from those 100 rejections

A million years ago, or more likely last year, I wrote a series of blogs on my Rejection countdown to 100, whereby I rather narcissistically counted down rejections 91 through 100 for my short stories. Didn’t take too long to … Continue reading

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Write write write…

Finally been able to get a little writing in, and some rewrites.  I passed two new Sci Fi pieces, “Svalbard” and “Run,” set on Mercury and the moon respectively, over to a beta reader for feedback.  I submitted a slim-downed … Continue reading

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New story ideas–and the winner is: Svalbard

Coming up with new story ideas is easy. Turning those ideas into readable stories with arc, compelling characters, tension, and of course something enjoyable to read, well that’s tougher.  Perfecting all this into a salable / readable story is toughest. … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: Run

I’ve been writing fresh a bit, several new pieces started although none anywhere near finished.  Still one piece, “Run,” a sci fi thriller set on the moon, is getting a little warmer. So here’s an excerpt from the first page. … Continue reading

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