Excerpt of the week: Run

I’ve been writing fresh a bit, several new pieces started although none anywhere near finished.  Still one piece, “Run,” a sci fi thriller set on the moon, is getting a little warmer.

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So here’s an excerpt from the first page. Try it on, see how it fits.


C.R. Hodges

Politics was the reason we communicated via Morse Code. Russia and the United States were beyond saber rattling, and Glasnost Peace Lunar Colony was caught in the middle. Discussing the pending war was treasonous on all three sides, and interplanetary radio waves were routinely snooped by the NSA, the newly revived KGB and the embryonic LSA. Of course anyone with a telescope, a mirror, and an old Boy Scout handbook could eavesdrop, but there was an advantage of being so retro as to be ignored.

“Dad got called up,” said Sally.  Her father was a colonel in the Marine Corp Reserve. Mine was back in Leningrad, a sanitary engineer as Sally politely called him. He worked the night shift cleaning up trash in the subway, when he wasn’t too drunk to make it in to work.

My mom and I lived on the moon, with my stepdad and Stepjerk, aka my stepbrother François. Everyone thought Mom was a Russian spy. Everyone was probably right. My stepdad was almost certainly a spy too, of the French variety. But he was a really nice guy, for a stepdad. And all he drank was a little wine with dinner.

CR Hodges

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3 Responses to Excerpt of the week: Run

  1. Good, Chuck. Excellent hook. Like your voice (as in all of your stuff). Engaging story plot. Sounds like you started a short, but this sounds like it could become much longer if the story runs away with you.

  2. crhodges says:

    Thanks Tim. Right now it’s hovering at about 2500 words, well entrenched in short story land. I tried the extend a short into a novel path a few years back–the novel is still in the works, may be there for a while. I am dabbling with extending a couple of shorts into novellas to try to take a shot at the emerging Amazon Singles market but the jury is still out on that path too (you only really get one shot else it’s self-publishing).

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