New story ideas–and the winner is: Svalbard

Coming up with new story ideas is easy. Turning those ideas into readable stories with arc, compelling characters, tension, and of course something enjoyable to read, well that’s tougher.  Perfecting all this into a salable / readable story is toughest.svalbard

For whatever reason the muse has been perched on my right brain, spewing out story ideas like popcorn from a kettle. Let’s play capture the flag on the moon. Or maybe something with Morse code  Rewrite that frost giant piece. Write something interesting about Svalbard.

Wow–Svalbard?  Now that’s a grand idea.  Seriously. For whatever reason, the muse pushed the light bulb button and out flowed ideas and characters and voices.  So I have a draft for a story about Svalbard, with character of few words, Uffe, who has this idea about Mercury. As in the planet.

Still a work in progress.  It needs to bake for a spell.

CR Hodges

PS–Svalbard is a Norwegian island, an archipelago really, in the really, really, really far north.  Makes Kiruna look like tropical resort.

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