Learning from those 100 rejections

A million years ago, or more likely last year, I wrote a series of blogs on my Rejection countdown to 100, whereby I rather narcissistically counted down rejections 91 through 100 for my short stories. Didn’t take too long to garner 10 more rejections, just 54 days, and hey I even earned a win during that period.


Most of the rejections were form letters, a few had nuggets, and one rejection letter was longer than the manuscript.

A year later, with hindsight as my guide, did I learn anything from this?   Of the 10 rejections I logged in that period, I have since sold five of those pieces.  Including the one with the verbose rejection letter (“The Steamer Trunk“).  So yes, I think rejection while it stings, does help, if we as writers can bite our tongue in the process. Not hard enough to draw blood of course.

And yes, in the not too distant future, I will be counting down to 200 rejections.  I’m at 179 at the moment, with 8 wins post 100, including one pro sale. And coincidentally I have 11 out there at the moment, being shopped.  So it won’t be too long. Unless of course I get a few more wins, but still, like time, rejections march on. As long as we keep on writin’.

Keep on writin’!

CR Hodges

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