Rejection countdown: #192

Rejection number 192 came from a pro market that I really respect but have never been able to crack.  The piece was “Faro,” a mythica / ghost story mash-up featuring a young Granny Hooper, the heroine of “The Confederate Cavalryman’s Saber,” trying to come to grips with her kitsune transformations.

Rejection 192

The rejection was definitely a form email:

Thank you for submitting your story, “Faro”, to xxxx Unfortunately, we have decided not to publish it. To date, we have reviewed many strong stories that we did not take. Either the fit was wrong or we’d just taken tales with a similar theme or any of a half dozen other reasons.  Best success selling this story elsewhere.

Reckon I must have fallen into one of those half-dozen unnamed reasons…  Oh well.

CR Hodges

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2 Responses to Rejection countdown: #192

  1. Keep going, Chuck. You’ll make that 200 yet.

  2. crhodges says:

    And beyond! Thanks Ronnie. Merry Christmas.

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