Rejection #193, and a Win

Rejection #193 arrived simultaneously with a Win.  Or at least a Place.

Rejection 193

I had entered “The Trillionaire” in a writing contest, with the modest entry fee going to an on-line charity.  After entering, I realized that I could enter a second story, so I tossed my first-born, “Gho,” into the contest as well.  “Gho” was my first work of fiction, originally a 90K word ghost story novel that I banged out in 6 months and naively started querying, with absolutely no luck whatsoever.  Four years later I killed a whole slew of darlings and revamped it as a 23K word ghost story novella.  And it won.  Actually placed, 2nd Prize in said writing contest.  More on that later (after the contest makes the public announcement).

But the same letter basically served as a rejection for “The Trillionaire,” as it listed the winners, and Buffett Thompson and his moonshuttle didn’t make the grade.  Bummer, but hey, I’ll take a 2nd Prize.  Just like Monopoly.

I’ve already resubmitted “The Trillionaire” to a top Sci Fi magazine.  Never say die.  And “Gho” will, finally, see the light of day.  More on poor, dead Hildi Schreiber soon.

CR Hodges

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3 Responses to Rejection #193, and a Win

  1. I love your sense of humor. In my many ups and downs a good laugh a myself has helped me maintain perspective. At least most of the time…

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