Rejection #194: Short answer

Rejection #194 (of my countdown to 200 short story rejections) was from a very established, high quality dark fiction outlet that I had only recently run across.

Rejection 194

A very short answer:

“Thank you for sending “Faro,” but I decided not to use the story.”

Oh well.  “Faro,” a dark mythica piece featuring Granny Hooper in full-blown kitsune fury, is already sent out to another, hopefully more receptive, market.

CR Hodges

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4 Responses to Rejection #194: Short answer

  1. “I” decided – hmmm.

  2. That’s a lot of rejections, but always remember that a “no” can be an open door to an even better “yes.” I have a literary blog, and I think blogging is a great way to keep yourself positive when you get rejections. Keep writing!

  3. crhodges says:

    Exactly why I am socializing my rejections–keeps me positive.

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