Rejection #196: Another contest

I entered “Wobble” into an extremely prestigious writing contest and guess what, it didn’t win.  Or place or show.  It happens, part of the whole shoot-for-the-moon aspects. Oh well, that counts as rejection number 196. Four more to my 200 rejection milestone.

Rejection 196

Not even a real rejection letter, just a note basically saying if you didn’t receive a nice fat envelope you’re out of luck:

“As a courtesy, we wanted to inform you that after months of difficult decision making, judging has wrapped up; participants with winning entries were notified in December.”

Oh well.  “Wobble” is a great Sci Fi short story; I’m sure it will sell. Hopefully. Maybe.  Nope, I am sure, final answer.

Keep on writing everyone.

CR Hodges

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1 Response to Rejection #196: Another contest

  1. I think it would be interesting to read the submissions that won over yours. I’ve often been disappointed to see the ones that took the prize and I have to question what the judges use as a benchmark to score with.

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