Rejections 198 and 199: one after the other

Rejections 198 and 199 came bing, bang one after the other.  Like someone planned it that way.  As if one rejection wasn’t enough to taint even an optimistic writer’s day.

R 198 199

Rejection 198, for “Wobble,”  was from a familiar journal from which I have been rejected many times before:

“Thank you for submitting your story, “Wobble”, to xxx. Unfortunately, we have decided not to publish it. To date, we have reviewed many strong stories that we did not take. Either the fit was wrong or we’d just taken tales with a similar theme or any of a half dozen other reasons.  Best success selling this story elsewhere.”

Guess crazy Dr. Sphinx and Assistant Inspector Wu will have to find their home elsewhere.

Lucky number 199, for “Crazy,” was from another venerable pro market with whose form rejection letter I am quite familiar.

“Thank you for submitting “Crazy” to xxx, but we’ve decided not to accept it for publication. We appreciate your interest in our magazine.”

Crazy Adams, who is actually not crazy, along with Randgrid, the valkyrie, and Dr. Hard Regis, her einherja, will definitely be looking elsewhere.

Which leaves me with only one rejection to go to reach the marvelous 200 rejection plateau.  the countdown continues.

Keep on writin’.

CR Hodges

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2 Responses to Rejections 198 and 199: one after the other

  1. Maybe you could sell a story about rejections. It could be humorous as well as suspenseful…

  2. write a book about how to handle rejection… wouldnt that be ironic. 200 is the charm!

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