Sci Fi and fantasy writing contests

There are some good contests for spec fiction–sci fi, fantasy, horror–writers coming up. Win fame and fortune, or at least major publication credits and some cash.

Writers Digest

  • Annual Popular Fiction contest
  • Top tier contest with large cash prizes
  • Entry fee: $20 early, $25 late
  • Up to 4000 words
  • Early submission deadline Sept 15th, late submission Oct 15th.
  • Categories for SF / Fantasy and also Horror. $20 or $25 entry fee.

 Writers of the Future

Bards and Sages

On the Premises

All dates are 2014.

Me, I submitted “Run” and “Godspeed, Martians”  to Writers Digest last night and I will submit “The Trillionaire” to Writers of the Future. And I’m actually a judge for the On the Premises contest (we judge blind) and a past winner (“Three-Quarters Martian” in Contest 14, so I can vouch that they’re very legit).  I also placed 2nd in last year’s Bards and Sages quarterly contest and got Gho published in the Bardic Tales and Sage Advice, Volume VI anthology last month.

Good luck to everyone who enters any of these contests.  And keep on writin’.

CR Hodges

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