Updated list of paying spec fiction short story markets: February 2015

Too cold to do anything (well, almost anything) but write. In between shovelling snow and my day job running and product design firm, I’ve actually been making good progress on a couple of novellas and also two new short stories, including  a new story about life as a ghost. Here are some new / updated paying spec fiction short story markets, as of February 22, 2015.  Stay warm everyone.


And if you do find this list useful, come say hi on Facebook, I’m C.R.Hodges.Author.


The following markets have been added:

Unfortunately, some have already temporarily closed (seems to be more now to have short reading periods)

The following markets have temporarily closed:

  • Bad Dream Entertainment
  • Stupefying Stories
  • Uncanny
  • Space Suits and Sixguns
  • See the Elephant
  • Nightscript
  • Shock Totem
  • Dark Fuse

The following markets have permanently closed

  • Science Fiction Trails


  • Grievous Angel has new submission guidelines
  • Cosmos   has new submission guidelines
  • Shock Totem is open for novella submissions but on a royalty only basis.

Keep on writin’.

CR Hodges

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2 Responses to Updated list of paying spec fiction short story markets: February 2015

  1. married2arod says:

    Thanks for the list, I’ll have to check them out. Although i primarily write romance…maybe I can throw in a sci-fi romance lol.

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