Updated list of paying spec fiction short story markets: May 2015

Seems like there is an increase in “projects” vs “markets” for short stories. Not sure how many of these projects are legit or if they are trial balloons. I haven’t really included all of them here, as they come and go relatively quickly.  But it is something I am pondering on how to track.


If you do find this list useful, come say hi on Facebook, I’m C.R.Hodges.Author.


The following markets have been added:

  • Pro:
    • Sword and Sorceress  Temp Closed
  •  Token:
    • The Lorelei Signal  Temp Closed
    • Pulp Modern
    • Sorcerous Signal
    • Wolfsinger Publications

The following markets have reopened:

  • PodCastle

The following markets have temporarily closed:

  • Buzzy
  • Blight Digest
  • Monster
  • Shoreline to Infinity

The following markets have permanently closed / appear to be dead

  • Not One of Us

Keep on writin’.

CR Hodges

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