Writing from a plot, oops

So for the first time I am trying to do a plot outline first, THEN write.  Woudl make me a plotter, not a pantser. If it works.  So I tried writing the first couple of chapters from my 15 page outline of my new mythica-thriller novel, working title The Jõtunhem Eruption.


So here are my results so far:

Chapter 1: Back to the Bar

  • As planned
    • Started out like the plot.  Pushing-forty Ulla drops the twins at her parents, straps on her heels, and heads to a pickup bar in Reykjavik for the first time in years. Lots of cliché moments not getting picked up, finds the married guy, and then the giant walks in.
  • Not as planned:
    • The married guy is maybe not really married
    • Ulla is a lotsluttier than planned, so much so that I think I’m writing chick lit
      • I don’t know jack about chick lit
      • New working title: Sex in the Fjord?
    • The frost giant can’t decide if he’s a tool or a mixed up teenage giant who might even be a virgin
    • Worse, when it gets to the chapter finale where Ulla gets attacked and the friendly giant is supposed to save her, she basically kicks butt but gets badly brused up in the process
      • She doesn’t want to tell the giant the important tell that makes the chapter
      • She’s too bruised to go home to the kids
    • The whole attack scene is pretty dark, a lot darker than I thought I was going

Chapter 2: The Sheep Farm

  • As planned
    • Zip, not a sheep in sight
  • Not as planned
    • Married guy Dillon gets a POV
    • Sets his fake wedding ring on the dresser (fake?)
    • Seems he’s a geologist, not a CIA type (there goes the thriller part)

The good news is the characters are rounding themselves out; the bad news is they are not following the script.  Hmmm.

All for now.  I need a beer.

PS — but I do, however, have the start to a blurb, see way above (“Pushing-forty Ulla drops the twins at her parents, straps on her heels, and heads …”)

CR Hodges

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3 Responses to Writing from a plot, oops

  1. Andy McKell says:

    I feel your pain. I’ve abandoned plotting. Now I start with a rough idea and let the characters tell their story – it’s a more interesting journey for me, and as a result (I hope) for the reader.

  2. crhodges says:

    That has always been my path too, led to interesting characters but all too often I also had overly complicated plots too. Maybe a hybrid will be better.

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