Waiting for the muse

Every writer goes through periods of waiting for their muse to speak up.  Gives us a sign, point us in the right direction.  Mine spoke up today.

Challenger muse

Perhaps my muse is saying “Finish that ___ing short story on the space shuttle Challenger (tentatively titled “Sea of Tranquility”). Maybe it’s an arrow showing me the way on my epic rewrite of Ragnarök Willie.  Or, of course, maybe it’s just a double espresso.

But it got me writing.

What is your muse saying? (or not saying?)

Keep on writin’ everyone!

CR Hodges

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4 Responses to Waiting for the muse

  1. Art Lasky says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words.

  2. Dani says:

    Nice! My muse is saying ‘get those 20 pages to your critique group, and try to leave out the boring parts this time!’

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