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Learning to live with rejection, 500 times over

Rejection is a part of life for everyone.  We get rejected by colleges, for jobs and very occasionally by runaway brides.  But us writers, we get rejected more.  A lot more. Me, I’ve been rejected by one college (___ me, … Continue reading

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Updated list of paying spec fiction short story markets: July 2017

It’s hot. Very hot.  Glaciers are melting, fields are withering, an eclipse is nigh.  But all this is perfect fodder for spec fiction writers. So write something scorching, filled with fire or brimstone, volcanos or supernovas, hot romance or boiling … Continue reading

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How a Valkyrie Flies

My short story, “How a Valkyrie Flies,” has just been published in Sci Fan Magazine’s 7th Edition, available in ebook and paperback format at Amazon. Two Valkyries, one young, one old, battle atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the domination … Continue reading

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