Gotta have a day job

Almost every writer who isn’t (yet) a Patterson or a Collins has something in common–we have day jobs. Many of us are fortunate to have jobs that add fodder in some way to our writing while other of us just pay the bills.

Me. I run a product design services company, Zebulon Solutions, which–shameless plug–helps companies make their products manufacturing-ready. As such, I was recently interviewed by a really cool podcast–Integrate & Ignite–about working with entrepreneurs, the importance of being a straight shooter, and a favorite from my old HP days, management by walking around. Check it out at

And how does my job actually influence my fiction writing? Well, I’m not a spy or a lawyer or even an astronaut, but I do get to travel a lot, especially to places way up north where Valkyries may or may not still dwell.

CR Hodges

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