I Write

I write:

I write fiction

I write about ghosts

I write urban fantasies

I write paranormal urban fantasies

I write paranormal urban fantasies with ghosts

I write mythica–myth based fantasy

I write about valkyries and druids and ghosts of druids

I write business plans, which some take as fiction

I write humor, which some take as droll

I keep writing

I write mythica

I write about mythical creatures

I write about ancient mythical creatures that misbehave like teenagers

I write about teenagers who kick adult butt

I write science fiction, occasionally

I write mixed up fantasy and science fiction

I  write about characters who come from multiple cultures, mutts like me

I write about were-marmots (not really)

I write about ghosts with wicked senses of humor

I refuse to write about vampires (at least for now)

I write about Martians much more these days

I’d like to go to Mars one day

That’s not likely to happen, so instead I’ll keep writing about the Red Planet

I write to be published

I have not quit my day job

I write short  stories

I write short stories that are published.

Seven and counting.

I write a lot of short stories that get rejected.

Repeatedly.  When will they learn? When will I learn?

I write novels.

Ok, I have written one novel many times

I have a second novel in the works.  

I write many query letters; I get rejected and I write more

I have a great collection of rejection letters.

Over 100 of them, and growing

I rewrite a lot

That’s the secret  to writing

I write.

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