eBook: Three-Quarters Martian

Three-Quarters Martian

C.R. Hodges

TQM 2 JPGAbout:

The first man to walk on the moon was a hero to five generations. The first woman to walk on Mars was forgotten even before her boots plunked into the red dust. Abandoned by a fracturing civilization on Earth, the first mission to Mars is in trouble. Anna-Jing, her left leg buried along with her co-pilot under a rockslide, and her malnourished crewmates must make impossible choices in order to return home.

A version of this short story was originally published in the July 2011 edition of On the Premises, and another version was published in audio format in August 2012 in EscapePod.

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11 Responses to eBook: Three-Quarters Martian

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  2. Timothy Hurley says:

    Got it, thanks. A great read. 5*

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  9. Lynette Aspey says:

    Nice, friendly blog – I enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and market info. You just made a sale in Australia via Amazon.com.au. Looking forward to reading your work. 🙂

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