Novels and Novellas

While I am more prolific in the short story space (14 publication credits and counting), I also have a few novellas, including one just published, Gho, and a novel in progress.

Unpublished Novels:

Ragnarök Willie

When an eccentric archeologist unearths the prehistoric fortress of Valhalla, thirteen semi-mythical valkyries, an ancient pagan cult, and young Lasse Nordberg all head north.  The valkyries are vying with each other over global domination.  The pagans are plotting revenge for the millennium-old Christian invasion.  Lasse, a university dropout and video game junkie, is looking for a job, a girlfriend who doesn’t cheat, and a decent latte.

Thrilled to find work at an obscure newspaper in the frozen armpit of arctic Sweden, Lasse is assigned to report on the dig.  He wonders why his blond boss keeps a bevy of throwing axes in her desk drawer.  And why the sexy druidess keeps asking him about old hunting horns.  He should do more than wonder: his boss is one of the valkyries, wingless but deadly, and his druidic girlfriend is using him to find Gjallarhorn, the not-so-mythical horn of Heimdallr.  Which, if blown three times, will awaken Odin’s undead warriors for Ragnarök, the battle at the end of the world.

Come Midwinter’s Day, his back to a pillar of fire, surrounded by warring valkyries, a blue-bearded giantess charging at him, Lasse has already blown Gjallarhorn twice.

Ragnarök Willie is an 86,000 word mythica novel set in modern Sweden. It recently took first place in the 2015 Pikes Peak Writers Zebulon Fiction Contest.

Published Novellas:


Published in the Bardic Tales and Sage Advice, Volume VI anthology, Bards and Sages Publishing, August 2014.  Available on Kindle and paperback.

Hildi Schreiber is just a normal sixteen-year-old trying to survive high school in Colorado while adding to her patent portfolio. One patent too many, as it turns out. Decapitated by a minor demon, she returns as a ghost to stop al-Qaeda from using the demon–or vice versa–to destroy the world. The first decision she makes as a ghost is to give herself a wicked new nickname. Some would find this strange. Those who know her do not.

Unpublished Novellas:

Hel’s Horse Cannot Swim

Geiravör made a mistake 300 years ago, allowing a powerful artifact  to sink to the bottom of Stockholm harbor in the hold of a mighty warship. In 1962, as she labors to salvage the Vasa, another valkyrie, her great Aunt Skuld steals Sleipnir’s Bridle, which can summon the demonic helhest. Skuld leaves a string of burned churches as she gallops across Sweden on the helhest’s back, on her way to Cuba. As Geiravör races to recapture  the bridle and defeat the helhest, she faces an even worse nightmare–falling in love.

Weighing in at just under 15,00o words, Geiravör  and her lover need some more rewrites before facing the world.

The Queens of Ireland

Queen Méabh has been dead for almost six millenia.  When Annie O’Donovan excavates the queen’s ancient cairn, they trade bodies.  Freaky Friday meets the curse of King Tut’s mummy meets World War III, for Queen Méabh doesn’t just want to rule Ireland.

Based on my short story, “Queen Méabh,” this plays on the worst fear of any archaeologist–finding a supernatural badass who steals your body, plays slave games in bed with your dream date, hits your dad with an umbrella and wants to geld everyone on the planet wearing a Security uniform.  Not finished yet–stay tuned.


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