Short Stories

Published short stories:

Short stores accepted for publication:

  • Urban Fantasy
    • The  Einherja
    • The Queens of Ireland
  • Horror
    • Trample

Unpublished / work in progress short stories:

  • Paranormal Fantasy
    • Sunset, Moonrise
  • Ghost Stories
    • Dead Roses
    • An Interview with a Ghost on her Twenty-First Birthday
  • Urban Fantasy / Mythica
    • Faro
    • Beyond Magic
    • Hel’s Horse Cannot Swim
    • Garden Tomte
    • Beyond the Pale
  • Fantasy
    • Dead Man’s Grope
    • Skuld
  • Science Fiction
    • The Trillionaire
    • Riding the Bow Wave
    • Godspeed, Martians
    • New Svalbard
    • Capture the Flag
    • Two Sides
    • North versus South
    • Sea of Tranquility
    • Martian Return
    • Physics is Phunn
  • Slipstream
    • Elves in Space

See also my list of paying spec fiction short story markets.

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