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Excerpt of the week: Life as a Ghost

Finally got in a good writing weekend, cut 5000 words from a draft short story and wrote 2000 new words.  The old wording wasn’t bad, but the story that I was trying to tell had run away from me–I had … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: Monoceros, Ptolemy Cluster

For the past couple of years I have had the good fortune to be part of a terrific writer’s group based in Louisville, Colorado.  Here is an excerpt from a talented fellow writer, Steven W. Johnson, who has a pro  credit to … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: The Steamer Trunk

Mostly I write mythica fantasy, ghost stories or science fiction.  Every now and again I try something different — I’m actually working up a horror piece at the moment about the helhest (“Trampled”), and I have a magical realism piece in the … Continue reading

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Historical fiction and mystery and romance, oh my

As part of an ongoing occasional series of interviews, here is my interview with UK based novelist Diana Jackson. *** Hi Diana, Thanks for appearing as a guest on my blog, all the way from the UK.  I know that you … Continue reading

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Gho is coming

After 5 years, endless rewrites, and a major compaction from novel to novella, I just received the galley proofs for the upcoming publication of my very first story.  Gho, a paranormal fantasy about Hildi Schreiber, a teenage inventor whose paranormal vortex detector inadvertently … Continue reading

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Rejection countdown: #192

Rejection number 192 came from a pro market that I really respect but have never been able to crack.  The piece was “Faro,” a mythica / ghost story mash-up featuring a young Granny Hooper, the heroine of “The Confederate Cavalryman’s … Continue reading

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