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Excerpt of the week: Monoceros, Ptolemy Cluster

For the past couple of years I have had the good fortune to be part of a terrific writer’s group based in Louisville, Colorado.  Here is an excerpt from a talented fellow writer, Steven W. Johnson, who has a pro  credit to … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: The Steamer Trunk

Mostly I write mythica fantasy, ghost stories or science fiction.  Every now and again I try something different — I’m actually working up a horror piece at the moment about the helhest (“Trampled”), and I have a magical realism piece in the … Continue reading

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Historical fiction and mystery and romance, oh my

As part of an ongoing occasional series of interviews, here is my interview with UK based novelist Diana Jackson. *** Hi Diana, Thanks for appearing as a guest on my blog, all the way from the UK.  I know that you … Continue reading

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A three-fer

Yup, I’ve got a three-fer coming. As in three-for-April.  As in three short stories to be published during the month of April. Coming soon: “Walking with Great Uncle,” an urban fantasy / ghost story (a reprint in an anthology) “Along Sand … Continue reading

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The Confederate Cavalryman’s Saber is now an eBook

Hooah!  My first eBook, “The Confederate Cavalryman’s Saber,” a historical fantasy set in the Civil War, is now available for Kindle at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/The-Confederate-Cavalrymans-Saber-ebook/dp/B00BRPHGIQ/ref=la_B00BKFT32K_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1362966789&sr=1-2 Will work on SmashWords next (tried yesterday and the formating bombed). CR Hodges

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Mythica Book Review: Norse Code, by Greg van Eekhout

Writers need to read.  It’s easy for us to get to focused on writing (e.g. my recent obsession with writing rejections) but we can no more write without reading than a musician can play a tuba without listening to an umpa band … Continue reading

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Mythica Book Review: Last Light of the Sun, by Guy Gavriel Kay

By happenstance I came upon Guy Gavriel Kay’s mythica novel, The Last Light of the Sun, at my favorite used book outlet (shameless plug: HospiceCare & Share, a non-profit thrift store operated by HospiceCare of Boulder and Broomfield Counties).  To … Continue reading

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