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Airlock podcast

One of my flash fiction pieces, “Airlock,” was just  released as a podcast from Manawaker. http://www.manawaker.com/podcast/ffp-0105-airlock/ or on iTunes (free) https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ffp-0105-airlock/id980747861?i=363656980&mt=2 Originally published in Perihelion Science Fiction, “Airlock” is a paranormal sci fi mashup, just a thousand words short.  It actually … Continue reading

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Countdown to 200 rejections

It seems like only a year ago I was counting down to 100 rejections.  Wow, it was only a year ago.  My time flies when you’re getting thrashed.  But that’s not the way to think of it, not at all. … Continue reading

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From novel to novella

So I’m trying out something new, converting a shoebox novel to a novella. I’ve gone the other way before, Ragnarök Willie started life as a short story, grew to a novella on the way to its current status as a 90K … Continue reading

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“Along Sand Creek” accepted for publication

My historical paranormal fantasy, “Along Sand Creek,” has been accepted for publication in April of 2013.  It’s a boy meets ghost story set against the backdrop of the Sand Creek Massacre. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer … Continue reading

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Rejection number 97–a year late

In August of 2011 I submitted “Walking with Great Uncle” to a literary market that a fellow writer had recommended.  Walking had previously been published in The First Line in the Summer 2009 edition, but this market accepted reprints so … Continue reading

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