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Setting stories

Where do writers get their inspirations for where a story will be set, be it an epic novel or microflash?  It’s easiest to set it in the writer’s own backyard: New Yorkers tend to write about the Big Apple, Texans might … Continue reading

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Tristy trasty plots

I’m a fan of complex, tristy trasty plots, both as a reader and as a writer.  There is something very satisfying about reaching the end of a superbly crafted book with a complex plot and realizing how nicely it all … Continue reading

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The muse is a fickle _____

All writers have  love-hate relationships with our respective muses.  We love it when they sit on our shoulders and guide our typing towards brilliance.  We hate it when they lead us down dead ends. And we go comatose when they … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: Beyond Magic (first draft)

I’ve been writing fresh this week, the first time in a while.  With the success of the publication of “Queen Méabh” fresh on my mind, I decided to journey back to Ireland and take a different cut at the old … Continue reading

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Queen Méabh emerges–published in Electric-Spec

My mythica short story, “Queen Méabh,” has just been published in Electric Spec.  Ireland beware. Excerpt: Queen Méabh C.R. Hodges After hiking up Knocknarea with a stone in my pocket every day for the past twenty-seven months, today I got … Continue reading

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