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Setting stories in the land of vikings and valkyries

As my long time readers know, I have a penchant for setting stories in the Nordic lands, be they tales from the Old Norse mythos or space operas set in Kiruna’s Spaceport.  While I cannot claim any Viking blood, at … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: Preschool War Games

My mythica short story, “Preschool War Games,” was just published in the March 2014 issue of Cicada Magazine. A long time in the making, “Preschool War Games” started life as a denouement to a longer short story. But short stories … Continue reading

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Going nameless

One of those thou shall nots of writing is, apparently, using an unnamed protagonist. A rule, which like any other, maybe, just maybe, can be broken every now and again.  I hope so, because I’ve broken it a few times. … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: How a Valkyrie Flies

Here’s an excerpt from the middle of a work in progress, my short story headed toward  novella “How a Valkyrie Flies.” Quick synopsis of what has come to pass previously in this story: Geira, an aging valkyrie, accepts a challenge … Continue reading

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