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All about valkyries

I write about valkyries.  A lot.  Based on old Norse myths, my variant of the archetype are ruthless, mortal and wingless female warriors who are engaged in an endless thirteen-sided chess match for global domination. The mythos In Norse mythology, Odin had … Continue reading

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Rejection # 200: not quite

Rejection number 200 arrived too fast, just a year and change since rejection number 100.  I’ve landed 9 wins in that same span, so not all that bad, especially in a world where the odds are stacked against us writers. … Continue reading

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Going nameless

One of those thou shall nots of writing is, apparently, using an unnamed protagonist. A rule, which like any other, maybe, just maybe, can be broken every now and again.  I hope so, because I’ve broken it a few times. … Continue reading

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