Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Markets

Updated as of July 30, 2017–Writing heats up

The following is my working list of paying short story markets that take speculative (spec) fiction–fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, paranormal, horror, etc.–of various types, although not all take all genres, and some are more literary than others. I break them down as follows (other people’s definitions will vary):

  • Pro: Greater than or equal to 5 cents per word
    • A few highly respected markets that do not pay pro rates are included (marked #)
  • Semipro: between 1 and 5 cents per word or at least $25 per story
  • Token: below 1 cent per word or $25 per story, but not free


  • Markets go dormant, close temporarily or go under all the time.  No guarantees that the list is current, and in fact I know a number are dormant but I haven’t yet removed them from my watch list
  • It is literally my working list, and it’s not 100% spec fiction. There are some general, YA and even literary markets on the list, and a few that specialize in historical fictions
  • An * by markets to which I have sold stories to / have stories under contracts / have stories accepted at.
  • I have added a few highly respected markets who do not pay pro rates to the Pro listing, but have marked them with a #


It’s hot. Glaciers are melting, fields are withering, an eclipse is nigh.  Sounds like lots of good fodder for writers.  Let’s get to it.  Write something hot!

The following markets have been added:

The following markets have reopened:

The following markets have temporarily closed:

  • Cast of Wonders
  • Sockdolager
  • Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

The following markets have permanently closed / appear to be dead / website down:

  • Wisdom Crieth Without
  • Science Fiction Blaster
  • Triptych Tales
  • Red Sun
  • Shattered Prism

Other changes:

Pro Markets

Semipro Markets

Token Markets

52 Responses to Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Markets

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  2. Tyler says:

    Dark Magazine is no longer available.

  3. crhodges says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Tyler. I checked into it and located the new website. I have updated the link.

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  5. Hello, just to mention: Lore is temporary closed for submissions.

  6. crhodges says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Stephen. I just updated to reflect Lore as temporarily closed.

  7. Garrick says:

    Hello! new token market. Quarterly, unpaying for three editions, but paying for the fourth.


  8. Garrick says:

    Also, Bastion Science Fiction Magazine: – G.

  9. crhodges says:

    Thanks Garrick. I’l check ’em out and add them into my December update. Happy holidays everyone!

  10. Thanks for sharing this info. I’m currently picking up a lot of work through, but their contractors come and go and their needs fluctuate. Always worth a look if you need some work. The rates I am paid vary from Semipro to Token. I will be looking at the oes you’ve listed to see if I can improve my income, though. 🙂

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  12. adamgaylord says:

    Thank you for this great list. I give some more personalized recommendations in this post, if you’re interested:

    • crhodges says:

      Thanks Adam. I read your blog on the subject, some great insights, and yes I too would love to get into DSF but never made it past form letters (same with F&SF), so good for you.

  13. Violet Light says:

    Mr. Hodges, I just wanted to say thank you for posting this list. I check this particular entry of your blog regularly in order to help find markets for my own fiction, so thanks for giving other writers a heads up! It’s appreciated! 🙂

  14. Hello, just wanted to mention that Bastion appears to be on hiatus, according to Duotrope. You’re doing a great job with this list, thanks 🙂

    Payment: 1 cents per word all stories length.

    1.Short stories (1,000 to 7,399 words)
    2. Novelettes (7,500 to 17,499 words)
    3. Novellas (17,500 to 39,999 words)

  16. crhodges says:

    Thanks for the update, Kevin. Updating my list this weekend.

  17. Great job, just an update. Lightspeed is currently open to FANTASY ONLY. Best Wishes

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  19. Nicole says:

    Hi! Wonderful resource you have here. Thank you for taking the time to make it. 🙂

    I wanted to let you know the “Sockdolager” link actually redirects to another market called “Metaphysical Circus.”

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  21. Terrific resource. Thanks.

  22. R.J. Jacobs says:

    Uncanny has re-opened.

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  25. Dagny Paul says:

    Just a note: Pseudopod is pro (paying 6c/word) just like its sister podcasts, Escape Pod and PodCastle. I also noticed that our newest Escape Artists podcast, Cast of Wonders, isn’t listed–they publish speculative young adult fiction and pay pro as well.

    Dagny Paul
    Associate Editor

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  27. austen1022 says:

    Hi. I just stumbled upon your blog. Very good list! Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

    Quick note: Black Treacle is listing as closed on their website.


  28. CR You’re doing great though tedious work. Thanks! I’ve noted a few more items to add to your load: Havoc (Splickety Publishing Group) seems to be stuck in 2015, thought the link is live.

    Fictionvale is a dead link.

    Lakeside Circus is a dead link.

  29. Red Sun notified me today that they’ll be on hiatus for an undetermined length of time.

  30. crhodges says:

    Bummer, it’s sad to see paying markets disappear or darn near. But thanks for the heads up, I’ll update.

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  32. Christopher J Burke says:

    Thanks for this page. Found it through Google.
    I noticed that the page for Alternate Hilarities doesn’t work. If I’m searching correctly, it looks like it’s gone now.

  33. Darkfuse sent me a note via submittable saying that they are on hiatus and that they have returned all submissions.

  34. Phantaxis recently closed to new submissions and returned any that were pending, saying to submit them elsewhere. Got one back that I had there for about a month. Website says they hope to reopen in the future.

  35. BEORH HOUSE says:

    Duotrope calls us a Pro market, I believe, but there is only one $50. Editor’s Award per year for TREMBLING JOURNAL. Have a look.

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