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Airlock podcast

One of my flash fiction pieces, “Airlock,” was just  released as a podcast from Manawaker. http://www.manawaker.com/podcast/ffp-0105-airlock/ or on iTunes (free) https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ffp-0105-airlock/id980747861?i=363656980&mt=2 Originally published in Perihelion Science Fiction, “Airlock” is a paranormal sci fi mashup, just a thousand words short.  It actually … Continue reading

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Going nameless

One of those thou shall nots of writing is, apparently, using an unnamed protagonist. A rule, which like any other, maybe, just maybe, can be broken every now and again.  I hope so, because I’ve broken it a few times. … Continue reading

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A beer and a reading

I’ll be reading, along with some other great local writers, at the Louisville Writer’s Workshop end-of-year reading at the Front Range Brewing Company on Monday, December 9th.  I only have a 7 minute slot but I should be able to … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: Airlock

Since I will be reading several short stories, including “Airlock,” at a beer & reading event next week, I figured it was good timing to post an excerpt.  This Sci Fi / ghost story mashup was initially written as a … Continue reading

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“Airlock” has been published in Perihilion Science Fiction

My short story “Airlock” has been published on-line at Perihelion Science Fiction. Enjoy. CR Hodges

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Writing shorts

Been taking a break from novelling and working on some short stories.  Two new short stories in the works: “Wobble,” a sci fi piece about preventing the Earth’s orbit from decaying “Elves in Space,” a fantasy-sci fi mashup that attempts to poke fun … Continue reading

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