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Learning to live with rejection, 500 times over

Rejection is a part of life for everyone.  We get rejected by colleges, for jobs and very occasionally by runaway brides.  But us writers, we get rejected more.  A lot more. Me, I’ve been rejected by one college (___ me, … Continue reading

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How a Valkyrie Flies

My short story, “How a Valkyrie Flies,” has just been published in Sci Fan Magazine’s 7th Edition, available in ebook and paperback format at Amazon. Two Valkyries, one young, one old, battle atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the domination … Continue reading

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Updated list of paying spec fiction markets: February 2017

Spring is coming, maybe, which means lots more sunshine to inspire writing. And some inevitable rain and snow and gloom too, for those dark tales. So I’ve updated my list of paying spec fiction markets. Updates: The following markets have … Continue reading

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Waiting for the muse

Every writer goes through periods of waiting for their muse to speak up.  Gives us a sign, point us in the right direction.  Mine spoke up today. Perhaps my muse is saying “Finish that ___ing short story on the space … Continue reading

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Wobble is published in Perihelion

My sci-fi short story, Wobble, has just been published in Perihelion Science Fiction.  Check it out. CR Hodges

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Airlock podcast

One of my flash fiction pieces, “Airlock,” was just  released as a podcast from Manawaker. or on iTunes (free) Originally published in Perihelion Science Fiction, “Airlock” is a paranormal sci fi mashup, just a thousand words short.  It actually … Continue reading

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Excerpt of the week: The Jötunheim Eruption

After my two months of plotting angst (see Plotter or Pantser? and Writing from a plot, oops posts), and a whole lot of related writers block, I had a breakthrough last week.  Got almost 7000 words down on a new mythica fantasy … Continue reading

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