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Excerpt of the week: The Jötunheim Eruption

After my two months of plotting angst (see Plotter or Pantser? and Writing from a plot, oops posts), and a whole lot of related writers block, I had a breakthrough last week.  Got almost 7000 words down on a new mythica fantasy … Continue reading

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Waiting for that query letter to write itself

I’ve been patiently waiting for my query letter (for Ragnarök Willie) to write itself. Or at least edit itself.  The query letter, apparently, is even more stubborn than I am.  It refuses to move its words around so that it … Continue reading

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The value of writing shorts

Recently read an excellent blog from a fellow author (whom I have never met nor read), Joseph Zieja, on the value of writing short fiction:  http://josephzieja.com/2013/11/22/the-short-fiction-question/?goback=%2Egde_2033716_member_5810767274541359104#%21 Basically he provides some strong arguments as to the value of a novelist also … Continue reading

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From novel to novella

So I’m trying out something new, converting a shoebox novel to a novella. I’ve gone the other way before, Ragnarök Willie started life as a short story, grew to a novella on the way to its current status as a 90K … Continue reading

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Return on Luck

I don’t normally cross-pollinate between my business blog (Yes, I have a day job, duh. I run a product development and industrialization services company, Zebulon Solutions.) and my writing blog.  But today I blogged about Return on Luck from a … Continue reading

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