Coming soon:The Next Big Thing

I have been tagged by fellow writer Timothy Hurley to continue a multi-year blog hop titled The Next Big Thing, where writers of all genres answer questions on a work-in-progress project.  In my case I’ll be “interviewed” about my upcoming mythica novel, Ragnarök Willie, in an upcoming blog, posted right here the beginning of April.

13 eye

Sneak peak: Ragnarök Willie features valkyries and paratroopers, coffee shops and catacombs.  Axes, swords, Tor’s hammer, and a backpack nuke. Set in the far north of modern Sweden in the dead–very dead–of winter.  And for those who are rusty on their Norse mythology,  Ragnarök is the battle at the end of the world.

Enough said. More next week.  If the world doesn’t end.

CR Hodges

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3 Responses to Coming soon:The Next Big Thing

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  2. Timothy Hurley says:

    Wow, C. R. Sounds exciting. Gonna get my bear skin, sharpen my axe and wait patiently.

  3. crhodges says:

    Hmm, no bears, skinned or otherwise. Plenty of axes. I tried to work a pair of ravens in but seemed too cliche (hey if you have ravens in a Norse mythica piece they just have to talk, right)?

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