Blog hoppers wanted

I’ve been invited by fellow writer Timothy Hurley, the author of the hilarious Shortstack anthology and other fun reads, to participate in the My Writing Process blog hop (do blogs hop?) on February 17th.  As such, I’m looking for a 3-4 fellow authors to pass the proverbial hopping baton to, who would then post their own My Writing Process blog the next week (February 24th), and further pass it forward.

I’ll be answering four questions on my writing process for my almost-ready-to-query mythica novel, Ragnarök Willie.

Thought I’d ask my loyal followers first–blog hop anyone?  I’ll forward more details to the first few interested writers.  Either comment the blog with a link to your own blog and / or email me directly at crcrhodges (at) msn dot com.

Disclaimer–while I’m very open to supporting creative writers of almost any genre, I draw the line well shy of porn, slash and gore, political rants and hate.

Keep on hoppin’

CR Hodges

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